Scar, the evil brother of King Mufasa and second in line to the throne, wants to be king. He is an out-and-out villain: witty, slimy, seductive, and willing to do anything to gain power -- even if it means siding with the evil hyenas and killing his brother and his nephew, Simba. Having no sense of shame, he dares Simba to visit the forbidden Elephant Graveyard. There, three hungry hyenas -- Shenzi, Banzai, and Ed -- await Simba and his friend, Nala. Fortunately, just as the hyenas are about to attack, Mufasa and his sidekick, Zazu, roar to the rescue and save Simba.

The evil Scar doesn't give up. He initiates a wildebeest stampede that kills Mufasa. Then he blames Simba for his father's death. Run far away, Simba, and never come back!" he warns the frightened cub. Chased by the hyenas, Simba disappears into the endless savannah, leaving Scar as king of the Pride Lands! As bad guys will do, Scar lets the Pride Lands slip into desperate trouble. As king, Scar lets the goose-stepping hyenas run wild. Food supplies are soon depleted and starvation and ruin spread across the land.

Years later, Simba returns to challenge the cowardly Scar. The two lions battle fiercely. Defeated, Scar begs Simba for mercy. Simba releases Scar, echoing the evil lion's words to him in the canyon long ago -- "Run far away, Scar, and never come back!" Film: "The Lion King" (1994) Voice Artist: Jeremy Irons

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